We design and install a range of beautiful Conservatories, we can visit your property and help you choose the perfect addition to your home to bring more of the outside in and give you that valuable extra space. Below, is our range where there is something to suit everybody.

From initial quotation to final decoration, we have professional tradesmen who work together to turn your dreams into a reality. We deal with everything on your behalf, so there’s no need for you to organise a single thing (unless you want to of course). Choosing the right roof material is essential when planning your new conservatory. Our conservatories are designed and built to use all year around, so we offer a number of different roof glazing options to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Complete PVC-U roof line systems

Everything you need from fascias, soffits, cladding and guttering to dry verge, over-fascia ventilation and all the essential trims and accessories.

Easy to maintain

All roofline products are made with virtually maintenance free PVC-U, which requires no regular treatment or painting. In fact, PVC-U can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth, so you don’t have to waste precious time on your gutters, fascias and soffits, which means more time for relaxing.

Size options

Whether to the floor or with a dwarf wall we will tailor your conservatory to suit your needs.


Cresting and finials, top capping, decorative finishes, fans, lighting – however you wish to personalise your conservatory, we’ll be up to the task!


Steel reinforcing gives added strength and durability to products that may be exposed to wild and erratic weather.

Roof options

With today’s erratic climate we have options to keep your conservatory cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. Both polycarbonate and self-cleaning glass provide excellent thermal properties.  Also available is the warm insulated roof making your conservatory more of an extension.


Clear, Opaque, Bronze or Anti-sun.


Toughened Clear/Low-e, Toughened Pilkington Active self cleaning or Toughened Pilkington Active blue tinted self cleaning glass.

Guardian Warm Roof

Insulated roof creating more of an extension that is passed by building regulation becoming an official room in your property therefore adding value.


The Victorian conservatory is the most popular style of conservatory. That’s because the Victorian conservatory suits all house styles – be they period property or a new build. The Victorian conservatory springs most readily to mind when people think of conservatory styles.

The Victorian conservatory style includes a bay front, a steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge details. These days, of course, your Victorian conservatory, made out of modern materials such as PVCu, is built to last.

Victorian conservatory styles comprise the three-facet Victorian, featuring a bay front with three main windows at wide angles, and the five-facet Victorian. This conservatory style also has a bay front but with five main windows for space as well as aesthetics.

At Bedfordshire Windows, our Classic roof system gives your Victorian conservatory a distinguished and classical appearance. Your Victorian conservatory can also be configured in any design. It was the Victorian era in which the nation’s love of the conservatory blossomed.


The Edwardian conservatory suits many style of home which features a flat front and a square or rectangular symmetrical shape. This makes the Edwardian conservatory a really handy shape for laying out furniture and plants, with no wasted space. The Edwardian conservatory typically has a high, sloping roof style that gives a spectacular vaulted effect. Your conservatory floods with light, making it a bright, airy and uplifting room.

Edwardian conservatories were originally built on period homes from the 18th and early 19th centuries, and the style has been replicated on many homes ever since.

P Shape Conservatories

The P-shape conservatory is a style that’s ideal for larger, detached properties, combining a lean-to conservatory with a Victorian conservatory, which can be either three-faceted or five-faceted. When you combine a lean-to with a Georgian-style conservatory, this is called an L-shaped style.

The P-shape conservatory creates a versatile style. This is because the conservatory extends in different directions. The P-shape conservatory is, therefore, ideal for using as two separate living areas. Modern families often use the longer part of the P-shape style as a lounge or dining area, with the rounded part being used as a children’s play area. P-shaped conservatories often require larger proportions, so are better suited for larger detached properties, giving an impressive result.

The P-shape conservatory combines a mix of Edwardian or Victorian styles and is ideal for creating maximum space whilst keeping a sense of proportion in the property. The rounded part of the P-shape conservatory style can be specified in either a three- or five-segment design and the return part can have a hipped roof or a lean-to end. The beauty of the P-shape conservatory style is that it can add much-needed space to the house without swallowing up too much of the garden or requiring much in the way of garden redesign.

P-shape conservatories are versatile because at Arctic Glass, we can adapt the proportions of the main section and the rounded section to fit your available space and to ensure that each zone of the conservatory meets its intended purpose. At Arctic Glass, P-shape conservatories come in a variety of styles and the rounded part of the design can be Victorian, Edwardian or gable-ended. Your P-shape conservatory can be in uPVC, hardwood or aluminium and in a range of finishes.

Your P-shaped conservatory can be frame and glass, extending from the ground up or built on a dwarf wall to match the existing brickwork of the property. However you choose to have your P-shape conservatory, you’ll find it an excellent way to combine Victorian and traditional styles, create an impression of light and space, and gain a versatile, dual-purpose addition to your home.


The lean-to conservatory is an ideal choice if your home has limited space.

The Lean-to conservatory is the simplest style of conservatory, with clean lines that give it a contemporary look and make them a popular conservatory for modern houses. This conservatory style will be ideal for you if you prefer the simple, understated lines of a sunroom.

Whether your lean-to conservatory is traditional or contemporary, the style is perfect for properties that have restricted space under the eaves, like a bungalow, or have an area that’s too awkward to accommodate a conservatory. This is because the pitch of the roof on lean-to conservatories can vary – so a shallow pitch can fit under a low bungalow roof and a steeper one would be ideal for a terraced house.

Also known as a Garden Room or Lean-to, it is a beautifully simple design with a single slanted roof that joins to the house wall. It is understated in appearance, offers refreshingly clean lines and will provide maximum living space on the inside.

Tuck it into a corner, or extend it the whole length of the house. We can make it as straightforward or as elaborate as you like, in just about any shape you can imagine. And that includes a variable roof pitch for a huge choice of looks, from fitting it under the first floor window ledges or right up to the eaves.

A Sun Lounge is the perfect model to incorporate Bi-fold or four-part Patio doors across the front so that you can completely open up your home to your garden.

It works well with bungalows and other single story buildings as long as there is enough headroom where the conservatory meets the house wall and providing there is enough of a slope to drain off rainwater.

As the name suggests, the Sun Lounge is a great space to sit and chill in the heat.

Gable Conservatory

One of the key plus points of having a Gable conservatory above any other design is that due to the high-pitched conservatory roof fitted it makes the interior seem grander and roomier than it actually is so that it never feels cramped and short on space. The word ‘Gable’ refers to the triangular shape situated below the end of the pitched roof, and is often highlighted with a starburst pattern of trusses extending to the ridge of the roof.

A Gable-end conservatory can add real Elegance to your home. These conservatories date back to Edwardian period in style, of which the modern Gable-end conservatories are a variant. With these such conservatories, the front of the roof doesn’t slope back to the centre, instead the front of the conservatory stays upright, like the end of a house. This is where the Gable-end conservatory gets its name.

These conservatories can be square or rectangular in style, this gives you maximum space to plan the interior of your conservatory. The Gable front of the conservatory adds style and also maximises light coming into the room, while the height of the conservatory gives the room a feeling of space. The Gable roof provides a grand and stunning impact both inside and out.

The front of the Gable-end conservatory can be personalised to your own taste by featuring either a sunburst effect, or by using lead or Georgian bars.

Bespoke Conservatories

Bedfordshire Windows Ltd is experienced in designing and installing a variety of unique styles. Bespoke conservatory designs are ideal for tricky sites or just simply for people wanting something different.

Large Bespoke conservatories are unique and impressive structures made possible by our technical expertise and years of experience in this specialist field. Large conservatories are built using a supporting skeleton that sits inside the conservatory. This gives the large conservatory structural support and makes it an ideal venue for a hotel dining room or as a cover for a swimming pool or gym.

The large bespoke conservatory style requires extra support to take the weight of the roof and give extra stability. At Arctic Glass, our dedicated team is always available to provide advice, estimates and technical information about portal conservatories. We will handle the complete management of your large conservatory project, from concept to design, planning and construction, right through to completion.

Large Bespoke conservatory styles are most often used for swimming pools, allowing you to enjoy your pool all year round without worrying about the leaves, insects and weather issues that you get with an outdoor pool. You’ll also save money on chemicals and maintenance by housing your pool in a portal conservatory. The large conservatory style is also perfect for a fitness room, Jacuzzi or spa.